What We Do

Hope Clinic provides health care to low income residents who do not have private health insurance and are not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, Parkland Plus, or similar programs. While county government, private physicians and community organizations have provided substantial support to the underserved, current efforts are insufficient to cope with expanding needs.

Physicians, nurses, and volunteer health care professionals of Hope Clinic give unselfishly of their time to provide a high level of quality services to the working poor population and children in the community. Our desire is to partner with patients in their healthcare journey towards wellness. Patient education is a key priority in healthcare management. We address all aspects of well-being: physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and intellectual.

Missions Statement

Hope Clinic exists to share the love of Jesus Christ by partnering with our community to provide primary health care and resources for healthy living to the underserved population. The purpose of Hope Clinic is to reflect Christ’s love to the underserved population in Garland, Texas, by providing primary healthcare services, spiritual support and assistance in identifying community resources.

The ministry has the support of Garland churches, various community agencies and supportive individuals.

Services Provided

  • Primary Health Care
  • Referrals to:
    • Specialists
    • Community Resources
  • Medications
  • Screenings
  • Counseling
  • Health Promotion and Prevention Programs

Hope Clinic is a 501(c) 3 corporation; therefore, for income tax purposes your contribution is fully tax deductible.